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RAS Association!

RAS Association is an organization of serving members of Rajasthan Administrative Service. An officer becomes member of the association as soon as he joins the service. The association has played a very vital and positive role in betterment of service conditions.

The Objectives of the association are to work for the benefit, welfare and development of the members for their social, cultural and professional development. It also carry on activities for the extension of knowledge in the field of administration, finance, management and other allied subjects.

Since the members of the association are serving at senior levels in their respective places of postings, they interact with people from different walks of life, it is the endeavor of this association to make the views of eminent persons known to its members. The Association is also sensitive to public aspirations about development activities in the State. Activities of the association are therefore aimed at achieving the larger objective of providing excellence in Governance.



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Transfer or posting order of RAS officers dated 04-02-2017

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Transfer or posting order of RAS officers dated 14-02-2017

RAS Officers Club is our dream project. All officers are requested to submit their membership fee of 25000/- as early as possible. For more info Please visit
Pawan Arora

New Bank Account
Dear Colleagues, We have opened a new account of our association in SBBJ Secretariat branch, Jaipur. Name & A/c no. are as follows
A/c No. : 61329351941

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