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RAS Association!

RAS Association is an organization of serving members of Rajasthan Administrative Service. An officer becomes member of the association as soon as he joins the service. The association has played a very vital and positive role in betterment of service conditions.

The Objectives of the association are to work for the benefit, welfare and development of the members for their social, cultural and professional development. It also carry on activities for the extension of knowledge in the field of administration, finance, management and other allied subjects.

Since the members of the association are serving at senior levels in their respective places of postings, they interact with people from different walks of life, it is the endeavor of this association to make the views of eminent persons known to its members. The Association is also sensitive to public aspirations about development activities in the State. Activities of the association are therefore aimed at achieving the larger objective of providing excellence in Governance.




Monthly progress report for the month March, 2019

Expression of Interest for the post of GM & HR head for RAS Club

Tender document for RASO'I DG Sets

Tender document for RASO'I Transformer

RAS Officer's Tender documents for Paint & Polishing Work

RAS Officer's Institute tender documents for Electrical Fixtures

Letter regarding Domestic pumps, LT Panel & Stone Cladding Tender

RAS Officers' Institute Tender documents regarding Domestic Pumps

RAS Officers' Institute Tender documents regarding LT Panel

RAS Officers' Institute Tender documents regarding Stone Clading

Monthly progress report for the month November, 2018

Monthly progress report for the month October, 2018

RAS Officers Institute Tender Document for Internal and External Flooring Work

RAS Officers Institute Tender Document for MS Structure Work

Letter regarding RAS Officer's Institute Elevation

RAS Officers' Institute Elevation Tender Documents

RAS Officers' Institute Elevation Drawings

Monthly progress report for the month September, 2018

Monthly progress report for the month August, 2018

Monthly progress report for the month July, 2018

Revised Tender document for false ceiling tender

Extra drawing for False Ceiling Tender

Letter Regarding Inviting False Ceiling Tender

RAS Officers' Institute tender documents for False Ceiling

Monthly progress report for the month June, 2018

RASO'I May-2018

Revised schedule of HVAC Tender

Letter Regardig inviting for HVAC Tender

RAS Officer's Institute Tender document for HVAC

Drawings for HVAC Tender (Annexure-8)

A/c Name: Rajasthan Prashasnik Seva Parishad,
A/c No.: 1881220717065459,
IFSC: AUBL0002207,
Branch: C-Scheme, Jaipur,
AU Small Finance Bank


RAS Officer's Institute Tender document for fire fighting/fire alarm protection work

RASO'I MPR-March-2018

"Adhiveshan-2018 Programme Details"

RASO'I MPR-February-2018

RASO'I MPR-January-2018

RASO'I MPR-December-2017

Respected Friends,
As you all know that we are celebrating नववर्ष स्नेह मिलन समारोह  on 21st January at 7 pm @ Hotel  Haveli , Statue Circle Jaipur , President sir has given me responsibility to arrange a decent accommodation ( complimentary )for the Officers /Families coming from outside to attend the function. So kindly let me know if you are coming to attend the function , I alongwith my team would be happy to arrange accomodation for you. My cell no. is 9799491377 and my email is

Respected Friends,
We are organising नव वर्ष स्नेह मिलन (with Gala Dinner )on 21st January @7pm at Hotel Haveli , Statue Circle Jaipur with Harbhajan Mann and his dance troupes from Punjab. You alongwith your family are cordially invited to this function. An e invitation has already been mailed to you and invitation card is also being sent. Hope to see you all.
Warm Regards.
President & Executive
RAS Association.

Revised notice and agenda of General Body Meeting 06.01.2018

General Meeting Notice 05.01.2018

Revised Schedule for Inviting Interior Designer

RASO'I MPR-November-2017

Letter Regarding Inviting Interior Designer

RAS Officers' Institute Tender document for Interior Architect Designer

Floor plan drawings for interior designer

Monthly Progress Report of October 2017

Dear Friends,

As Deepawali wishes keep pouring in, let the Diwali festivities continue as well. So, you and your family may kindly SAVE THE DATE for RAS Association's Deepawali Sneh Milan Samaroh.Date: Saturday, 4th November, 2017.Time: 7:00pm onwards.Venue: EP East Lawns, Entertainment Paradise, Jawahar Circle, Jaipur.Event details: A SURPRISE cultural bonanza of a High Voltage Bollywood Mega Evening to be unveiled soon. I would request officers posted outside Jaipur to also participate, your stay at a decent guest house/hotel will be complimentary from RAS Club. Kindly confirm your participation (outsiders) by 27th October (to Sh. Aslam Sher Khan ‭97994 91377‬ on phone or WhatsApp), so to make proper arrangements.

Pawan Arora.

Revised schedule for tender of Waterproofing & Plumbing works

Tender Document for Water Proofing Work

Tender document for Plumbing Work

Drawings of Plumbing work

Monthly Progress Report of September 2017

Transfer or posting order of one RAS officer dated 04-10-2017

Transfer or posting order of RAS officers dated 04-10-2017

Monthly Progress Report of August 2017

Monthly Progress Report of July 2017

Letter Regarding inviting tender for Electrification, LT Work and Waterproofing

RAS Officers' Institiute Tender documents & BOQ for the Waterproofing Job (PDF)

RAS Officer's Institute Tender documents for the Electrification and LT works (On Labour Base) (PDF file)

RAS Officers' Institiute BOQ for the Electrical tender (Excel file)

Promotion order of RAS to IAS officers dated 10-07-2017

RAS Club Brochure

Awaiting Posting Order of one RAS officer dated 16-06-2017

Final Seniority List of Higher Supertime Scale of RAS as on 16-06-2017

Final Seniority List of Supertime Scale of RAS as on 16-06-2017

Final Seniority List of Selection Scale of RAS as on 16-06-2017

Final Seniority List of Senior Scale of RAS as on 16-06-2017

Final Seniority List of Junior Scale of RAS as on 16-06-2017

Dear Friends
You are cordially invited to lay the foundation of our long cherished dream: RAS CLUBHOUSE as per shubh muhurat....
Bhoomi Poojan: 11:15 am
Followed by Delicious Brunch
Date: Monday, 12th June
Venue: RAS Parishad Bhawan, JLN Marg, Jaipur.
This is just a precursor to the gala dance and music dinner party on some weekend in near future to celebrate this Shilanyas. The exact date for the grand party will be communicated to you shortly. Despite a working day, the officers posted in Jaipur are specially expected to attend sureshot on the 12th.
Pawan Arora.

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